Australian Yowah Nut Opal
Yowah Nut Opal

Yowah Koroit Boulder and Australian Opals

Links to Opal items: Yowah Koroit Opals Boulder Opals Opalised Wood Opal Jewellery Specimens & Rough ALL OPALS please see menu for other items. Welcome to our world of Australian boulder opals for sale. We are opal miners and cutters from the Yowah Opal Field Australia. We only deal in solid Australian Opals. We also have sterling silver boulder opal jewellery, Yowah and Koroit opal pendants bracelets rings and charms. If in mobile view the index menu button at the top of the page will take you to our list of opals for sale

Queensland is renown for boulder opal. Quilpie and Winton have the large boulder opal formations, while Yowah & Koroit opal fields have the smaller boulder opals known as Yowah Nut Opals. The opals of Yowah and Koroit have a unique look, found no where else in the world with stunning picture patterns of potch, opal and ironstone, not to mention the Yowah Koroit opal nuts with a beautiful crystal opal centre. Boulder opal is second to none when you have the brilliant colours over the dark ironstone boulder. Brilliant reds, blues & greens dance and sparkle when when moved. Boulder opal can be just as valuable and beautiful as a black opal from Lightning Ridge opal field. Yowah having the smaller boulder opals can still be hand mined in the traditional way of sinking a shaft and mining with jackhammer or pick. Learn more about the boulder Opal fields of Queensland Australia by visiting our Opal Hut Home Page Yowah Koroit Opal Boulder Opal Opal Pairs & Sets Sterling Silver Opal Pendants & Sterling Silver Opal Jewellery Opalised Wood Opal Beads & Pendants Boulder Beads Chokers Chains & Bails Opal Specimens & Rough New Opal Additions Bush Poetry Contact Us Payments Len Cram Opal Books Join Mailing List