Queensland Australian Boulder Opal Rich Blue Green
Australian Boulder Opal

Boulder Opal

Cut and polished natural solid boulder opal stones from the Queensland Boulder Opal Fields

Boulder Opal is mined in Queensland. You will find more boulder opal in the beads and pendants section

Boulder Opal Carved Fish

Carved Queensland Boulder Opal
Lovely blue and green opal in patches over this nicely hand carved boulder opal fish. Measures approx 62mm x 38mm x 7.5mm

Hand Carved Boulder Opal Fish


Queensland Boulder Opal

Lovely opal patterns over this nicely hand carved boulder fish. Measures approx 47.5mm x 32mm x 7.5mm

Boulder Carved Chameleon

A beautifully hand carved chameleon with opal inlaid eyes.
Carved from Queensland Boulder, this piece shows great detail. Inlaid opal eyes. Measures approx 56mm x 39.5mm x 17mm