Yowah Nut Opal Specimen with Crystal Centre and Matrix Outer Shell
Yowah Nut Opal with Crystal Centre

Opal Specimens & Rough

Opal specimens from Australian Opal Fields including Yowah Nut Opal Specimens, Matrix Opal Specimens and Boulder Opal Specimens


Yowah Conglomerate Opal Specimen

A beautiful natural formation.Lots of little Yowah Nuts imbedded in sandstone
A great little specimen of opal conglomerate for a collection, or could be cut into stones. Face polished, back natural.  Measures approx 55mm x 64mm x 10mm at thickest , weighs approx 62 grams

Opalised Wood Specimen

Purple opal wood specimen

Fossilised opalised wood with purple/blue opal.  Front has been dremelled with a good polish, back natural. A really nice specimen for a collection. 28mm x 19.5mm x 6mm.

Opalised Wood

Lovely purple opalised wood.
A great specimen for a collection, or turn it into a special, unique piece of jewellery. Dremmel polished both sides. Measures approx 32mm x 20mm x 9mm. Weighs approx 6 grams.

Yowah Opalised Wood Specimen

Purple Opal Wood Replacement
Opalised wood with Purple Opal. Top dremelled to expose the opal, back natural. Measures approx 60mm x 25mm x 9mm.  A lovely specimen to add to your collection.

Stunning Koroit Opal Specimen

Beautiful sparkling patterns
This piece is stunning with it's cascading intricate patterned potch and sparkling flashing blue green red opal in dark red ironstone. Softly undulating surface following the layer of opal with high polish of face, flat base and broken edges elsewhere.  Measures approx 38mm high x 65mm depth and 42mm wide

Set of 4 Stunning Koroit Specimens

Blue Green opal patterns in ironstone

Four pieces to this offering. One piece has a polished face, back is natural, it is the heaviest piece and weighs 472 grams, and measures 94mm x 99mm x 38mm at widest and thickest  . The other 3 pieces have been polished both sides. Total weight 1087 grams

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