Yowah Nut Opal Specimen with Crystal Centre and Matrix Outer Shell
Yowah Nut Opal with Crystal Centre

Opal Specimens & Rough

Opal specimens from Australian Opal Fields including Yowah Nut Opal Specimens, Matrix Opal Specimens and Boulder Opal Specimens


Yowah Conglomerate Opal Slice sold

A slice of Yowah Conglomerate showing larger nut towards one end.
A nice specimen for a collection showing smaller Yowah Nuts and the larger one towards one end. This piece has been sawn and the two flat edges have been polished, the rest left natural. Measures 110mm x 35mm x 7mm

Large Lump of Yowah Conglomerate Opal Specimen


A great specimen for a collection

This specimen looks like the little Yowah Nuts have been flowing along the sea bed, then suddenly set in place. Very pretty. Base has been smoothed down so that it will stand on a shelf, or use it as an executive style paper weight. The face has been polished, the base lightly ground, and the back has been broken and left unpolished. Measures approx 145mm x 65mm x 30mm

Weighs 450 grams

Koroit Nut Opal Specimen

Koroit Nut Opal Specimen
A lovely Koroit Nut opal with crystal centre sliced in half.

A beautiful addition to any collection, with red blue green and gold flashes in the crystal centre of the nut when moved. Black and red potch/ironstone pattern through the stone.The nut has been sawn and the face has been polished. the outer shell of the nut has been left natural. Colours do show indoors. When held together the specimen measures 41mm x 33.5mm x 32mm. The opal face is approximately 25.5mm x 20mm

Koroit Opal Specimen

A stunning opal specimen
Dark ironstone base with flashes of red purple and green through the clear to opaque opal.  Would make a great specimen, or a stunning pendant piece with the Wow factor.  Measures approx 56mm x 44mm x 12mm