Yowah Opalised Wood
Wood Opal Fossil Opalised Wood

Opalised Wood Opals

Wood that has been opalized or replaced with opal


Opalised Wood Specimen

Purple opal wood specimen

Fossilised opalised wood with purple/blue opal.  Front has been dremelled with a good polish, back natural. A really nice specimen for a collection. 28mm x 19.5mm x 6mm.

Yowah Opalised Wood Specimen

Purple Opal Wood Replacement
Opalised wood with Purple Opal. Top dremelled to expose the opal, back natural. Measures approx 60mm x 25mm x 9mm.  A lovely specimen to add to your collection.

Opalised Wood

Lovely purple opalised wood.
A great specimen for a collection, or turn it into a special, unique piece of jewellery. Dremmel polished both sides. Measures approx 32mm x 20mm x 9mm. Weighs approx 6 grams.

Pair Opalised Wood Earring Studs

Lovely wood replacement Ear Studs
Flashes of green and blue in these two pieces of opalised wood set in a fancy/plain sterling setting. The two are not the same size, but don't let that stop you from wearing them as a lovely pair. Eash earring measures approx 15mm x 8mm and 12mm x 8mm , including the sterling silver settings.

Opalised Wood Picture Stone

I have called this one "Cockatoo in the Outback"
Lovely purple blue green opal and dark potch and ironstone forming this beautiful piece of opalised wood. Measures approx 41mm x 20mm x 6mm

Yowah Opalised Wood Crystal

A piece of Wood that has been replaced by crystal opal
A lovely piece of opalised wood with blue/mauve and green sparkling opal. A pool effect where you can see into the base of the stone, like water running over a sandy stream. 23.10ct Opal measures approx 39.5mm x 15mm x nearly 6mm