yowah nut australian mini boulder opal
Yowah Nut Opal

New Opal Additions

Here you will find the latest additions of Yowah Koroit boulder & Australian opals, opal beads sterling silver opal pendants and jewellery as well as other types of opals for sale. All opals photographed in sunlight unless otherwise stated. All our opals are natural solids, there are no doublets or triplets.

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Koroit Opal Bead

Opal bead with sterling silver  bail
Purple flashes in this nicely patterned multicoloured ironstone bead. Hole drilled through bead as shown, comes with sterling silver bail.  Bead measures approx 41mm x 25mm x 6mm. This is a realy pretty piece and the purple is quite luminous.

Yowah Nut Opal Bead

Blue purple opal in red ironstone
This bead has nice patterns both sides with purple opal. Hole drilled as shown, and comes threaded onto 1.5mm leather cord. Bead measures approx 45mm x 23mm x 5mm

Yowah Matrix Opal

Great patterns in this Yowah piece.
Lovely lava flow patterns wth green and blue sparkles in this Yowah Matrix opal. Measures approx 23mm x 20mm x 5mm

Rugged Yowah Opal Bead Pendant

Nicely patterned Yowah Opal Bead
Multicoloured potch and ironstone patterns with hole drilled through stone as shown threaded onto leather with stainless steel fittings and lobster claw latch. Bead measures approx 53mm x 36mm x 10mm Front is flat, back is roughly polished and undulating. Very rustic and earthy.

Earthy Yowah Nut Opal Bead Pendant

Opal leather and stainless steel
A beautiful rustic look with this Yowah Nut and its multicolored potch and ironstone patterns. Drilled through, and threaded with leather, Comes with platted leather cord and stainless steel fittings. A beautiful back to nature look. Opal measures approx 35mm x 35mm x 11mm

Single Opal Ear Stud


Blue/Mauve crystal opal

A pretty tear drop shape opal set in .925 silver. Measures approx 10mm x 7mm including sterling silver setting.

Single Stud Boulder Opal Earring

Flashes of red and green over dark ironstone.
A pretty piece of boulder opal bezel set in sterling silver with stud back. Measures approx 10.5mm x 7mm including setting.

Single Yowah Nut Opal Stud Earring

A lovely little Yowah Nut with crystal centre
Measures approx 9mm x 6mm including sterling silver setting.

Single Crystal Stg Silver Opal Stud Earring

Pretty pale blue green opal.
Opal set in sterling silver with closed in back. Measures approx 12mm x 8mm

Rustic Opal Bead Pendant

Nice patterns of multicoloured ironstone
Sparkling blue opal in nicely patterned ironstone. Bead drilled through front as shown and comes with cord. Bead measures approx 45mm x 32mm x 6.5mm

Yowah Conglomerate Opal Specimen

Lots of little Yowah Nuts impedded in sandstone
A great little specimen of opal conglomerate for a collection, or could be cut into stones. Face polished, back natural.  Measures approx 55mm x 64mm x 10mm at thickest , weighs approx 62 grams

Lightning Ridge Opal Bead

Sterling Silver Bail
Pretty pale blue/mauve opal which has been drilled and comes with sterling silver pinch bail. Opal measures approx 20mm x 15mm x 4mm

Yowah Nut Conglomerate Opal Slab

A nice Conglomerate Opal Specimen
Lots of multishaped and coloured Yowah Nuts imbedded in sandstone. A great specimen as is with polished face and back natural, or it cut be cut up into stones, or dremelled. Measures approx 83mm x 64mm x 14mm

Boulder Opal Carved Fish

Carved Queensland Boulder Opal
Lovely blue and green opal in patches over this nicely hand carved boulder opal fish. Measures approx 62mm x 38mm x 7.5mm

Hand Carved Boulder Opal Fish


Queensland Boulder Opal

Lovely opal patterns over this nicely hand carved boulder fish. Measures approx 47.5mm x 32mm x 7.5mm

Boulder Carved Chameleon

A beautifully hand carved chameleon with opal inlaid eyes.
Carved from Queensland Boulder, this piece shows great detail. Inlaid opal eyes. Measures approx 56mm x 39.5mm x 17mm

Yowah Boulder Opal Specimen

Great patterns in this Yowah boulder specimen

Multicoloured ironstone and potch with sparkling opal, polished on front, natural on the back. Measures approx 78mm x 51mm x 10mm, weighs approx 70 grams

Carved Boulder Opal Bead

Nice stripes of various shades of pale blue opal
.Nicely carved to accent the formation of the opal over the boulder. Drilled sideways through the stone, and comes on a 1.5mm leather cord.

Four Koroit Opals sold

Four opals cut from the same piece of boulder
Multicoloured ironstone potch and sparkling pale opal form nice patterns in this set of 4 opals. Each opal measures approx 43mm x 14mm x 4.5mm, 44mm x 14mm x 5mm, 40mm x 12.5mm x 5mm,37mm x 11mm x 5mm.

Opalised Wood Specimen

Purple opal wood specimen

Fossilised opalised wood with purple/blue opal.  Front has been dremelled with a good polish, back natural. A really nice specimen for a collection. 28mm x 19.5mm x 6mm.