yowah nut australian mini boulder opal
Yowah Nut Opal

New Opal Additions

Here you will find the latest additions of Yowah Koroit boulder & Australian opals, opal beads sterling silver opal pendants and jewellery as well as other types of opals for sale. All opals photographed in sunlight unless otherwise stated. All our opals are natural solids, there are no doublets or triplets.

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Yowah Nut Opal Slice Bead Pendant SOLD


Multicoloured ironstone patterns with purple opal.

Nice patterns in this large slice of Yowah Nut with flashes of purple opal. Measures approx 55mm x 31mm x 5mm.  Hole drilled through stone and comes with sterling silver bail.

Yowah Nut Opal Bead Pendant

Yowah Bead with Sterling Silver Bail
A slice of Yowah Nut opal with multicoloured bands of ironstone and potch with sparkles of red green and blue opal. Hole drilled through stone and comes with sterling silver pinch bail. Opal measures approx 23mm x 18mm x 8mm

Yowah Opal Slice Bead Pendant

Yowah Opal Bead Pendant
A slice of yowah opal with Sterling Silver Bail
Multicoloured patterned ironstone with flashes of green and blue opal, hole drilled through the stone with Sterling Silver pinch bail. Opal measures approx 40.5mm x 21mm

Yowah Opal Bead Pendant

Purple opal and ironstone
An almost luminous purple opal in the nicely patterned multicoloured ironstone. Hole drilled and comes with Sterling Silver Bail.  Opal measures approx 35mm x 35mm x 4.5mm. Freeform shape.

Yowah Matrix Opal Pendant

Pretty multicolored ironstone patterns
Sparkling green and blue/purple opal sparkles in this nicely patterned Yowah bead. Hole drilled through stone and comes with a sterling silver bail as shown.  Opal measures approx 37mm x 24mm x 6mm

Yowah Matrix Opal

Sparkling green blue opal in ironstone

Freeform sparkling green blue opal in chocolate brown ironstone. Measures approx 21.5mm x 20mm x 6.5mm. Shallow cabochon both sides.

Yowah Matrix Opal sold

Pretty sparkling green opal in ironstone
Softly dremelled to follow the opal. Measures approx 18mm x 11mm x 2mm

Picture Opal sold


Koroit Picture Opal

Strong patterns of potch and dard ironstone with sparkling green opal. Measures approx 26.5mm x 20mm x 5mm

Yowah Conglomerate Opal SOLD

Xmas Pudding Yowah Conglomerate
Double Sided. Lots of different size Yowah Nuts with sparkling opal embedded in silicated sandstone. Very pretty and unusual. Measures approx 38mm x 22mm x 6.5mm

Conglomerate Opal sold

Lots of little nuts in silicated sandstone
Double sided, both sides have interesting nut shapes with sparkling opal. Measures 27mm x 23mmx 5.5mm

Opalised Wood Replacement

Beautiful clear mauve crystal opal

Clear mauve/blue tinted opal with a bit of blue green shimmer.  6.84ct  Measures approx 36mm x 10mm x 2.5mm

Dremelled and curved to follow the opal

Yowah Opal Specimen

Multicoloured ironstone potch and sparkling opal
A great specimen with sparkling blue/purple opal through the patterns in the ironstone. A lovely paperweight, or specimen for a collection. Measures approx 45mm x 35mm x 20mm

Yowah Opal Specimen

Lots of Picture Patterns in this Yowah Specimen
Multicoloured ironstone potch and green blue opal flashes.  Would make a lovely paper weight, or an interesting specimen for a collection. Measures approx 59mm x 31mm x 23mm

Yowah Conglomerate Stg Silver Pendant

Yowah Conglomerate Opal set in Sterling Silver
Lots of odd shaped and sized Yowah Nuts imbedded in silicated sandstone bezel set in Sterling Silver. A really interesting piece.  Total measurement of pendant including setting and bail is approx 41.5mm x 30mm x 7mm. (measured as it hangs).  Opal measures approx 27mm x 27mm (corner to corner as it hangs) or approx 20mm x 21mm side to side.

Yowah Conglomerate Opal Pendant

Yowah Opal set in Sterling Silver
A really interesting piece with waterfall of green turning to pink/red opal running down one side. Claw setting in sterling silver. Total length of pendant including silver setting and bail is approx 53mm x c14.5mm x 10mm.  Opal measures approx 37.5mm x 13mm x 4.5mm

Koroit Opal Specimen

Pretty potch patterns in ironstone

Very fine sparkles of opal scattered over the face along with crazy potch patterns. Concave shape (would make great spoon rest) with face polished and back natural. Measures approx 60mm x 39mm x 12mm

Yowah Opalised Wood Specimen

Purple Opal Wood Replacement
Opalised wood with Purple Opal. Top dremelled to expose the opal, back natural. Measures approx 60mm x 25mm x 9mm.  A lovely specimen to add to your collection.

Yowah Nut Opal Stg Silver Pendant

Beautiful slice of Yowah Nut set in Sterling Silver
Green and Blue Sparkling opal with multicoloured ironstone claw set in Sterling Silver.  Total measurement of Pendant including Sterling silver setting and bail is approx 57mm x 27.5mm x 9.5mm. Opal measures approx 39mm x 25mm x 3mm

Yowah Matrix Opal Specimen

Lovely Potch and ironstone patterns
Flashes of green blue orange red and purple when moved. Nice potch and multicoloured patterns. Softly undulating surface to follow the patterns and flashes of opal. Measures 50mm 41mm x 21mm. Feels nice in the hand.

Opalised Wood Crystal

Crystal opal wood replacement
This is a stunning piece when held over black as the colour deepens to a pretty green/blue colour. 7.40 cts and measures approx 25mm x 14mm x 3mm. Softly dremelled to follow the opal.