yowah nut australian mini boulder opal
Yowah Nut Opal

New Opal Additions

Here you will find the latest additions of Yowah Koroit boulder & Australian opals, opal beads sterling silver opal pendants and jewellery as well as other types of opals for sale. All opals photographed in sunlight unless otherwise stated. All our opals are natural solids, there are no doublets or triplets.




Pair Boulder Opals

Flashes of red and green opal
A pretty pair with flashes of red and green when moved. Opals measure approx 11mm x 11.5mm

Pair Pipe Opals

Pretty pale opal stripes
Sparkling red green gold in pale opal. Opals measure approx 20.5mm x 13mm x 4mm

Purple blue Green Boulder Opal

Beautiful blue green opal over ironstone
Softly undulating surface to follow the opal, measures approx 27mm x 12mm x 5mm

Boulder Opal Bead Hook Earrings

Brilliant orange red flashes with touches of green yellow blue when moved
A pretty boulder opal split with softly undulating surface following the thin opal seam. Holes drilled with sterling silver wire and hooks. Opals measure approx 15mm x 12mm x 2mm

Boulder Opal Bead Hook Earrings

Boulder opal with sterling silver wire and hooks
Pretty pale blue green opal over ironstone. Softly undulating surface with good polish. Opals measure approx 21mm x 14mm x 4mm

Boulder Opal Bead Hook Earrings

Pretty Blue opal over ironstone
Softly undulating surface to follow the line of opal. Hole drilled in tops and sterling silver pinch bails and earring hooks.25.5mm x 7.5mm x 4mm

Boulder Opal Sterling Silver Charm

Pretty Blue Green and Pink opal over ironstone
Set in Sterling Silver with 6mm inside diameter ring to fit European Style Bracelet. Charm measures 19mm x 15mm x 6mm including setting (not including ring)

Pair Boulder Opal Bead Earrings

Sterling silver hooks and wires with boulder opal
Smokey blue base with a few flashes of green blue. Opals measure approx 28mm x 15mm x 4mm

Yowah Opal Charm

Sterling silver and Yowah Opal
Set in sterling silver with 6mm insde diameter ring to fit on European style bracelet. including setting charm measures approx 17mm x 10.5mm (not including ring)

Yowah Nut Opal Earrings

Multicoloured ironstone and potch with purple opal
The two halves of a Yowah Nut set in Sterling silver with Sterling Silver hooks. Earrings measure approx 20.5mm x 16mm x 5mm including silver setting (without hooks)

Sterling Silver Boulder Opal Charm

Beautiful bright deep blue boulder opal set in sterling silver
Comes with 6mm inside diameter ring and will slip onto european style bracelet. Will make a stunning addition to any bracelet. Opal measures approx 5.5mm x 6mm (measured across face of charm)

Boudler Opal Bead Hook Earrings

Pretty blue boulder opal over ironstone
Sterling silver wires and Sterling Silver hooks. Hole drilled through opals as shown. Softly undulating surface to follow the seam of opal. Each bead measures approx 25.5mm x 16.5mm x 4mm

Pair Boulder Opal Bead Earrings

Sterling silver wires and hooks with beaufitully patterned boulder opal.
Opals measure approx 30mm x 14mm x nearly 5mm. Softly undulating surface to follow face of opal, holes drilled as shown with sterling silver wire and hooks.

Yowah Opal

A lovely little piece with a raised section of opal, outlined with black potch/ironstone.
Nicely carved to follow the opal and has flashes and sparkles of green blue. Weighs 6.33cts and measures approx 15mm x 12mm (diagonally point t point) x 6mm (including baby bump)

Boulder Opal

Lovely stripey pattern of pink and green blue opal
Weighs 10.4cts and measures approx 27mm x 14.5mm x 4.5mm

Yowah Nut Matrix Opal

Brillant red orange green yellow and blue dance around the stone when moved.

Weighs 10.54ct. Measures approx 15 x 15.5mm x 4mm

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Yowah Nut Matix Opal

Beautiful sheets of green blue flashes over the face of the stone

Weighs 3.465 ct and measures approx 18.5mm x 11mm x 2.5mm

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Yowah Nut Opal

A thin Yowah Nut opal with lovely flashes of orange gold green blue and red.
A beautiful piece with the ironstone and potch surround with its centerpiece of flashing opal and potch patterns. To me it looks like a face in the centre of the opal (with dark hair). We mined this one about 20 years ago, and have only just decided to part with it. Weighs 54.1 cts and measures approx 48mm x 30mm x 4mm.

Lightning Ridge Opal

Lovely broad flash of red.
Flashes of red, green blue orange and even a touch of pink in this beautiful Lightning Ridge opal. Weighs 3.9ct 16.5mm x 12mm x 3mm