yowah nut australian mini boulder opal
Yowah Nut Opal

New Opal Additions

Here you will find the latest additions of Yowah Koroit boulder & Australian opals, opal beads sterling silver opal pendants and jewellery as well as other types of opals for sale. All opals photographed in sunlight unless otherwise stated. All our opals are natural solids, there are no doublets or triplets.

Please click on the thumbnails of the opal jewellery to view more photos.


Pretty Yowah Opal .925 Pendant

Sterling Silver and Opal Pendant
Three Yowah Opals with green and blue sparkling opal bezel set in sterling silver. Opal at the bottom of the pendant measures approx 20 x 6mm.  Pendant is 41mm in height including bail.

3 Yowah Nut Opals Stg Silver Pendant

Three slices of Yowah Nut Opal bezel set in sterling silver.
Three lovely pieces of Yowah Nut opal. The top one has a green blue flash. The centre nut has a crystal centre that can be seen through when held up to the light and the bottom yowah nut slice also has a nice streak of opal. Largest opal measures approx 22mm x 7mm.  Pendant measures approx 38mm in length including bail.

Koroit Opal and Sterling Silver Pendant

Blue green opal in dark ironstone

Quite a stunning piece with the dark ironstone and blue green opal bezel set in sterling silver. Pendant measures approx approx 42mm x 18mm including setting and bail

Picture Opal Stg Silver Pendant

A beautiful piece of Koroit Picture Opal
The more you look at this piece, the more you see in the intricate patterns of ironstone potch and opal.  A truly unique piece. Pendant measures approx 53mm x 22mm including bail and setting.

Koroit Opals and Stg Silver Pendant

Five nicely patterned Koroit Opals bezel set in Sterling Silver
A very pretty combination with lots of sparkle and pattern. the largest opal measures approx 17mm x 7mm.  Measurement of pendant including bail and settings is 47mm x 24.5mm

Boulder Opal 925 silver Pendant

Three beautiful Queensland boulder opals set in Sterling silver
Three lovely Queensland boulder opal solids, bezel set in sterling silver.  Total length of pendant is 43mm  and 20mm at widest. Opal at bottom measures approx 18.5mm x 9mm

Koroit Picture Pattern Opal Pendant

Nicely patterned multicoloured ironstone and opal
Delicate sparkling patterns of blue and green opal in this lovely piece of Koroit matrix opal. Pendant measures approx 41mm x 21mm at widest including bail and setting.

5 Opal Sterling Silver Bracelet

A lovely assortment of Yowah Nut Opals set in sterling silver
Total length approx 226mm.  This bracelet is adjustable from around 18.5mm to its full length.  The largest opal, the Yowah nut in the middle measures approx 13mm x 6.5mm.

Crystal Opal Sterling Silver Ring

A lovely solid crystal opal set in sterling silver.
The opal in this ring measures approx 19mm x 6mm. Measurement of the ring including the setting is 22mm with a nice wide band near the opal, tapering down to 6mm at the back of the ring.  Inside diameter of ring is 17mm (11/16 inch)