Yowah Australian Opalised Wood Sterling Silver Earring Studs
Yowah Opal Earring Studs

Opal Earrings & Studs

Opal & Sterling Silver Earrings and Earring Studs

Australian Yowah & Koroit opals set in Sterling Silver. Also opal beads with Sterling silver findings to make earrings and earring studs.

Single Opal Stud Earring

Pretty pale green opal earring stud
Opal bezel set in .925 silver. Measures 10mm x 5mm including bezel setting.

Single Yowah Crystal Nut Stud Earring


Yowah Opal Bezel set in Sterling Silver

A crystal centre from a Yowah Nut opal with see through opal with blue green flashes of opal, bezel set in 925 silver. Colour flashes can be seen indoors when moved. Earring measures approx 12mm x 7.5mm including bezel setting. This is one opal stud only.

Yowah Opal Single Stud Earring

Lovely green gold opal set in sterling silver
A pretty piece of Yowah Nut opal bezel set in sterling silver with stud back. Including bezel set it measures approx 10mm x 6mm.

Yowah Opal Sterling Silver Earrings

Yowah opal set in sterling silver with sterling silver Hooks
A pretty pair with sparkling green opal and potch in ironstone. Measure approx 22mm x 10mm each including bezel setting, but excluding hooks.

Yowah Matrix Opal Stg Silver Hook Earrings

Yowah Matrix Opal Earrings
Sparkling purple and green opal in ironstone
A lovely pair of Yowah matrix opals bezel set in sterling silver with sterling silver hook ear wires. Earrings measure approx 23mm x 15mm x 5mm including bezel setting, but not the hooks.

Opalised Wood Sterling Silver Hook Earrings

Wood replacement opal earrings
Just like the wood replacement pendant, these earrings have a 3D effect when looking into them. Clear opal with floating flecks of blue/purple. opal measures approx 18mm x 8mm

Koroit Picture Opal Sterling Silver Earrings

Deep chocolate brown ironstone with green and blue opal.
This is quite a unique and stunning pair of hook earrings with the bright green opal with tiny highlights of blue showing up really well in the dark ironstone. including the bezel setting each stone measures approx 21mm x 19mm.