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The Fossicker Yowah Picture Opal

Yowah Koroit Boulder Opals

Solid Yowah Opal Koroit opal and Blackgate boulder opals and nuts also opalised wood opals.  Cut and polished opals ready for setting into jewellery, or to add to your collection. You will find more Yowah and boulder opal in the beads and pendants section


Opalised Wood in Koroit Boulder

Little twigs of wood that have opalised
Nicely patterned with tan and dark ironstone with little twigs of wood that have been opalised.  Quite stunning. Double sided.  Measures 57mm x 52mm x 7mm

Pair of Queensland Boulder Opals

Potch and sparkling opal over ironstone

Two interesting pieces of Queensland boulder opal with flashing blue green and some red in multicoloured potch and ironstone. Each piece measures approx 39.5mm x 15mm x 4mm and 35mm x 15.5mm 4.5mm

Carved Bouder Opal

Carved Bouder Opal
Nice patterns of multicoloured potch opal over ironstone
Carved to expose the most opal, with decorative carving to highlight the shape. Measures approx  52mm x 48mm x 12mm, weighs approx 53 grams

Carved Boulder Opal

Carved Boulder Opal
Lovely blue opal over ironstone
Nicely carved boulder opal, predominately blue opal with some green. Measures approx 57mm x 36mm x 11mm 33 grams

Carved Boulder Opal

Carved Boulder Opal
Blue Green Boulder opal

Blue green boulder opal over ironstone carved to expose the opal. Measures approx 58.5mm x 22.5mm x 8mm, weighs approx 22 grams

Ready to set in a piece of jewellery, or keep as a specimen.

Yowah Opalised Wood Crystal

A piece of Wood that has been replaced by crystal opal
A lovely piece of opalised wood with blue/mauve and green sparkling opal. A pool effect where you can see into the base of the stone, like water running over a sandy stream. 23.10ct Opal measures approx 39.5mm x 15mm x nearly 6mm