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The Fossicker Yowah Picture Opal

Yowah Koroit Boulder Opals

Solid Yowah Opal Koroit opal and Blackgate boulder opals and nuts also opalised wood opals.  Cut and polished opals ready for setting into jewellery, or to add to your collection. You will find more Yowah and boulder opal in the beads and pendants section


Yowah Conglomerate Opal check

Lots of Yowah Nuts embedded in sandstone.
This piece is double sided with lots of interesting patterns and shapes. Measures approx 46mm x 32mm x 5mm (measured point to point through centre)

Koroit Picture Opal

Lovely potch patterns in dark ironstone
Creamy white to apricot colour potch patterns in rich red/brown ironstone with sparkling patches of green blue opal. Measures approx 35mm x 32mm x 8mm

Oval conglomerate Opal

Lots of multicoloured nuts
Some with opal, some not, just interesting shapes. Measures 34mm x 24mm x 5.5mm

Opalised Wood in Koroit Boulder

Little twigs of wood that have opalised
Nicely patterned with tan and dark ironstone with little twigs of wood that have been opalised.  Quite stunning. Double sided.  Measures 57mm x 52mm x 7mm

Koroit Boulder Opal

Opalised twigs imbedded in boulder opal
This is a lovely piece of Koroit boulder with multicoloured ironstone patterns and purple/blue and green pieces of opalised twigs imbedded in the stone.  Measures approx 55mm x 35mm x 6mm. Polished both sides.

Koroit Boulder Opal

Great patterns in this large Koroit boulder opal
This would make a fabulous piece for a belt buckle. It has stunning multicoloured ironstone and potch patterns. The little circle patterns are opalised twigs of wood.  Measures 92mm x 50mmx 7mm

Yowah Opal

Sparkling green opal in ironstone
Various shades of brown and tan opal with sparkling green and some blue opal. Measures approx 21mm x 25mm x 3.5mm

Yowah Nut Matrix Opal

Long Yowah Nut with sparkling opal
This is a mate for the other stone, but the nut has been cut out of the host rock to give the rounded shape.  The pool of opal is not as deep, and the flashes of mauve are not as large.  There is also blue and green sparkles through the ironstone.  Very pretty. Measures 51.5mm x 15.5mm x 6.5mm

Koroit Nut Opal

Blue Green Red opal in this lovely piece of Koroit Opal
Softly undulating surface to follow the opal, good polish with a wavey pattern of red green pink blue. Measures approx 28mm x 8mm x nearly 4mm

Koroit Boulder Opal

Dark ironstone with blue opal
Lovely blue and green patterns in dark ironstone. Quite stunning.  Measures approx39mm x 31.5mm x 5.5mm

Yowah Opalised Wood

Beautifully patterned opalised wood
This is lovely piece with it's sparkling green opal and ironstone and potch patterns. Measures approx 24.75 x nearly 16mm x 3mm

Sparkling Green Blue Koroit Opal

Sparkling Koroit blue green Opal
Lots of sparkling opal when moved.
Opal glitters and shines when moved, even indoors. Dark ironstone base. Measures approx 40mm x 20mm x 5.5mm

Blue Boulder Opal

Yowah Nut Boulder Opal
Blue and green opal
A long elegant concave shape which has been dremelled to follow the opal. Blue at one end and fades into green at the other end. Natural ironstone back. Opal measures approx 22.5mm x 6.5mm x 2.5mm

Koroit Opal

Nicely patterned dark ironstone with lots of sparkling green and blue opal.

Double sided with good polish to both sides.  Lots of subtle black on red ironstone squiggly patterns with fine green and plue sparkles. Measures 52mm x 42mm x 5.5mm

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Blue Green Opal Flash

Yowah opal set in sterling silver.
A beautiful piece of opal with bright rolling flash of blue and green bezel and dark ironstone set in sterling silver. Opal measures approx 9mm x 5mm.  Inside diameter of ring is 17.5mm. Around a 7.5 US size.

Beautiful Yowah Nut Matrix Opal

Lots of sparkle
A beautiful piece of Yowah Matrix Opal with oodles of orange/gold/red green sparkle. Good polish both sides. Measures approx 30mm x 15mm x 3mm.

Pair Koroit Picture Opals

Crazy patterns in these two slices of a nut
Green to green blue opal in multicoloured patchwork ironstone patterns.  43mm x 17mm x 6mm and smaller of the two measures 43mm x 17mm x 6mm. Price is for the pair.

Koroit Opal

Beautiful Multicoloured ironstone and opal
A great mixture of multicoloured ironstone and blue purple opal in freeform fan shape. There a couple of pits in the face which are hard to see as they blend into the patterns well. Measures approx 52mm x 33.5mm x 5mm

Large Lump of Yowah Conglomerate Opal Specimen


A great specimen for a collection

This specimen looks like the little Yowah Nuts have been flowing along the sea bed, then suddenly set in place. Very pretty. Base has been smoothed down so that it will stand on a shelf, or use it as an executive style paper weight. The face has been polished, the base lightly ground, and the back has been broken and left unpolished. Measures approx 145mm x 65mm x 30mm

Weighs 450 grams

Koroit Matrix Opal

Lovely patterns of blue green opal and potch over red ironstone
Quite striking with flashes of blue and green opal when the stone is moved.  Measures approx 56mm x 37mm x 7.5mm