Opal Beads & Pendant Earring Stones

Australian Yowah Koroit Picture Opal Bead Pendant
Opal bead Pendant
Cut and polished opal beads suitable for making into pendants, necklaces or earrings. Also ready made pendants and earrings using opal beads OR opals that have glued on bails.
Yowah Koroit Boulder and white opals that have been drilled to form stones for pendants, bracelets or beads.

Small Yowah Nut Opal Pendant

A small Yowah Nut Opal with Sterling Silver Bail

Tiny Yowah Opal Pendant

A cute opal with sterling silver bail

Tiny Matrix Opal Pendant

Small Matrix Opal with sterling silver bail

Tiny Matrix Boulder Opal Pendant

Boulder opal with Sterling Silver Bail

Boulder Opal Bead Pendant

Blue and pale blue Queensland boulder opal
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    Australian Boulder Opal Pendant

    Blue purple opal over ironstone
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    Picture Boulder Opal Bead Earrings SOLD

    Lovely patterns in the ironstone with sterling silver hooks
  • Boulder Opal Pendant

    Pretty blue opal over ironstone.
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    Boulder Opal Pendant sold

    Australian Boulder Opal
  • Pair Boulder Opal Bead Earrings

    Sterling silver hooks and wires with boulder opal
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