Australian Yowah Koroit Picture Opal Bead Pendant
Opal bead Pendant

Opal Beads & Pendant Earring Stones

Cut and polished opal beads suitable for making into pendants, necklaces or earrings. Also ready made pendants and earrings using opal beads

Yowah Koroit Boulder and white opals that have been drilled to form stones for pendants, bracelets or beads. 


Koroit Picture Opal Bead Pendant

Koroit Picture Opal Bead Pendant

Intricate patterns of yellow potch in dark ironstone

This is a nicely patterned piece of Koroit boulder with just a couple of sparkles of green. Hole drilled in top through the stone and comes with small stg silver pinch bail.

Single Yowah Opal Stud Earring

Yowah Nut Opal with clear opal centre with blue flashes in the clear centre.

Single Yowah Nut opal with Sterling Silver Stud back. Opal measures approx 11mm x 7.5mm