Yowah Nut Opal Set with Crystal Centre
Yowah Nut Opal Sets & Pairs

Opal Pairs and Sets

Gemstones cut from the same or similar piece of opal


Four Koroit Opals sold

Four opals cut from the same piece of boulder
Multicoloured ironstone potch and sparkling pale opal form nice patterns in this set of 4 opals. Each opal measures approx 43mm x 14mm x 4.5mm, 44mm x 14mm x 5mm, 40mm x 12.5mm x 5mm,37mm x 11mm x 5mm.

Pair of Queensland Boulder Opals

Potch and sparkling opal over ironstone

Two interesting pieces of Queensland boulder opal with flashing blue green and some red in multicoloured potch and ironstone. Each piece measures approx 39.5mm x 15mm x 4mm and 35mm x 15.5mm 4.5mm