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Opal Books by Len Cram

World renown Len Cram has once again cast his spell and captured  the magic of the Queen of Gems , opal,  with two new wonderful Opal Books. Packed full of information and unique beautiful opal photos. Most of Len's previous books are now collectors items, and have not been reprinted.


Beautiful Yowah & Koroit by Len Cram- Soft Cover

Beautiful Yowah & Koroit by Len Cram

Len Cram's newest book is packed full of the history of Yowah and Koroit with historic photos of Yowah's beginnings, not to mention Len's stunning opal photos. A must have book for any Opal lover.

Learn of the history of Yowah and surrounding areas, the Eulo Queen, owner of a small hotel 30 miles from Yowah.  There are old photos of Yowah before the township developed. 

The book is soft cover and measures 21cm x 29.7cm

The Wonders of Fossicking & Exploring The Australian Fields by Len Cram- Soft Cover

Fossicking & Exploring Opal Fields by Len Cram
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Weave your way through the opal Fields of Australia and follow Len in "The Wonders of Fossicking & Exploring The Australian Opal Fields" book.

Take a peak at the Queensland Opal fields of Kynuna, Opalton, Mayneside, Opalville, Little Wonder, Hammond, Hayricks, Bull Creek, Sheepyard Creek, Duck Creek, Blackgate, Yowah and Koroit.

In South Australia take a look at Coober Pedy, Andamooka, Mintabie and Lambina.

Visit Lightning Ridge and White Cliffs in New South Wales

The book shows a map of Australia with the location of each opal field in the book.
It is a soft cover book and measures 17.0cm x 24.0cm