Boulder Opal Sterling Silver Opal Pendant
Opal & .925 pendant

Opal Pendants

Sterling Silver Opal Pendants

Yowah Koroit Boulder and Australian opals set in Sterling silver.

Koroit Picture Opal Stg Silver Pendant

Koroit opal sterling silver bezel pendant.
Interesting potch and dark ironstone patterns with a patch of red sparkles is the feature stone in this Stg Silver pendant. Red sparkles catch your eye when it is moved around. Opal measures approx 19mm x 20mm. Tube bail will take a 2mm chain.

Boulder Opal Sterling Silver Charm

Fits European type chain.
A really pretty dainty piece which can be worn on European style charm bracelet, or as a pendant. Flashes of red green and blue over white potch and ironstone. Actual charm measures approx 15mm x 13mm x 4.5mm including the sterling silver setting, but not the ring. Inside meausrement of ring is 5mm.

Purple Matrix Boulder Opal & Stg Silver Pendant

Flashes of vivid purple opal dance around this stone as it is moved.
A lovely large chunky piece of Queensland boulder opal with purple opal bezel set in sterling silver. Measures approx (including bezel setting, excluding bail) 38.5mm x 35mm.

Sterling Silver Yowah Nut Opal Pendant

Unusual Yowah Nut Opal Pendant
I love this pendant with it's "eye" of ironstone surrounded by potch and more ironstone and very fine sparkles of opal. It is quite unusual, and set off beautifully with the sterling silver setting. Loop at the back would take take up to approx a 3mm chain. Opal measures approx 22.5mm x 14mm. Total measurement of pendant is 51mm x 24.5mm including silver setting.

Yowah Nut Conglomerate Opal Sterling Silver Pendant

Little Yowah Nuts imbedded in ironstone with mauve opal centers
This pendant and the pendent listed next is the same piece of conglomerate sliced in half, they could be converted into earrings quite easily. Opal measures approx 30mm x 12.5mm. Total measurement of pendant including silver setting and bail is approx 42mm x 15mm x 7mm

Yowah Nut Opal Stg Silver Pendant

A lovely Yowah Nut with pale centre and sparkling green matrix opal.
A perfect shaped slice of a Yowah Nut with it's pale opal centre surrounded by it's ironstone shell with sparkling green opal. pendant measures approx 28mm x 20mm x 7mm, including the sterling silver setting, but excluding the bail on top.

Boulder Opal 925 silver Pendant

Three beautiful Queensland boulder opals set in Sterling silver
Three lovely Queensland boulder opal solids, bezel set in sterling silver. Total length of pendant is 43mm and 20mm at widest. Opal at bottom measures approx 18.5mm x 9mm

Yowah Picture Opal Sterling Silver Pendant

Intricate multicoloured potch patterns in dark red brown ironstone. Pendant measures approx 39mm x 24.5mm x 7.5mm including sterling silver setting and bail.

Boulder Opal Sterling Silver Pendant

Beautiful Blue Green Boulder Opal
The top of this stone starts out quite pale then deepens in colour as it reaches the bottom of the stone. A really pretty piece with lots of colour and sparkle. Colour shows in indirect light indoors. Pendant measures approx 21mm x 15mm x 11.5mm including the setting. Opal measures approx 14mm x 8mm. Holes at side of pendant measure 2mm.

Cluster Opal Stg Silver Pendant

7 Yowah Nut Opals Bezel Set in Sterling Silver
Seven beautiful Yowah nut opals bezel set in Sterling silver with bail for 5mm chain/cord. Pendant measures approx 37.5mm x 39mm (not including bail). Very pretty and striking.

Yowah Matrix Opal Sterling Silver Pendant

Yowah matrix opal in antiqued sterling silver setting
A lovely antique style opal pendant in antiqued sterling silver setting. Lots of sparkling green opal in the brown ironstone shield shape Yowah opal, topped with a boulder opal with red sheen when moved. Very pretty and unusual. Large opal measures approx 28mm x 20mm. Total length of pendant including bail is 53mm x 33mm. Bail hole is approx 7mm

Yowah Nut Conglomerate Opal Stg Silver Pendant

Yowah Conglomerate Opal with purple opal and multicoloured ironstone set in Sterling Silver
Opal measures approx 36mm x 15mm. total Measurements of pendant including sterling silver setting and bail is approx 51mm x 17mm x 7mm

Beautiful Koroit Opal Sterling Silver Pendant

Beautiful earthy tones plus blue green opal
A really interesting piece that looks like someone put the pieces in a bottle and shook it up and let it settle, Mother Nature is grand. Opal Measures approx 41mm x 24mm x 7.5mm. Pendant including setting and bail measures approx 63mm x 25mm

Two Way Stg Silver Crystal Opal Pendant

Crystal opal Sterling Silver Pendant
A lovely crystal opal with flashes of green/gold/blue set in a clever sweeping sterling silver setting. The pendant can be hung with the opal up or down (see extra imags). Chain for display only. If worn as shown, chain slips between the two layers of the "tail" and will easily take a 2mm chain. If worn with the opal at the top, chain slips through a loop on the back of the opal and will take a pandora style chain. Opal measures approx 12mm x 10mm. Total length of pendant is approx 53mm x 21.5mm wide.

Yowah Nut Opal Sterling Silver Pendant

Two Yowah Nut Opals set in Sterling Silver
Lovely patterns and sparkles in these two Yowah opals set in sterling silver The pendant is hinged between the two opals. Pendant measures approx 48mm x 16mm x 4.5mm including bail and sterling silver setting.

Opalised wood twigs Sterling Silver Pendant

Twigs of wood in Boulder
The twigs of wood have opalised in the boulder host. Bezel set in sterling silver. Measures approx

Yowah Opalised Wood & Stg Silver Pendant

3D effect in this lovely wood replacement opal
Bezel set in Sterling Silver, this piece of opalised wood has a lot of scenery going on inside the opal. Clear opal with flecks of mauve. Opal measures approx 28mm x 14mm

Koroit Opal and Sterling Silver Pendant

Lovely pink and green blue sparkling opal
The dark ironstone sets off the delicate colours of the opal in this piece, beautifuly set in a double frame with the inner silver frame hinged to the outer frame and swinging bail. Opal measures approx 17mm x 10.5mm. Pendant including bail and sterling silver setting measures approx41mm x 21mm

Yowah Boulder Opal Sterling Silver Pendant

Beautiful Green Blue Flashes of opal over dark brown ironstone
This is a lovely sterling silver pendant with blue green opal flashing when moved. A softly undulating dremell finish to follow the layer of opal. The setting is hinged between the bail and opal setting. Opal measures approx 27mm x 17mm. Total measurement of the pendant is 39mm x 19.5mm x 7.5mm

Yowah Nut Opal Stg Silver Pendant

Beautiful slice of Yowah Nut set in Sterling Silver
Green and Blue Sparkling opal with multicoloured ironstone claw set in Sterling Silver. Total measurement of Pendant including Sterling silver setting and bail is approx 57mm x 27.5mm x 9.5mm. Opal measures approx 39mm x 25mm x 3mm

Yowah Matrix Stg Silver Pendant

Lots of sparkling opal
A beautiful slice of Yowah Nut Matrix Opal with great multicoloured ironstone patterns and heaps of green blue and some orange sparkles all over the stone when moved. A stunner. Opal measures approx 45mm x 31mm. Bail will take a 5mm cord/chain.

Beautiful 6 opal pendant and Stg Silver Setting

Six lovely opals in this unusual sterling silver setting.
Two stunning green blue boulder opals are the main feature in this pendant with two small triangle white opals with plenty of pink fire, and two small opals with green fire, overall a stunning piece. the bottom opal measures approximately 11mm x 8.5mm. Overall measurements of the pendant including bail are approx. 42mm across x 47mm down.