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A large selection of Australian opals for sale including the famous Yowah Nut Opal and Queensland Boulder Opal. We also have a quantity of individual opal beads, both boulder opal and Yowah Koroit opal beads. Solid Australian boulder opal Yowah Nut opals and crystal opal set in Sterling Silver as pendants and bracelets

YOWAH ARTESIAN BORE BATHS - Official Opening 11 am Saturday 16th August 2014
The Yowah Bore Baths are finally here for you to enjoy. Official opening on Saturday 16th August. There is a moderately hot bath with the water cooled down by the running the hot water down an automatic mining hoist coupled to a race and waterfalling into the pool. Water from the moderately hot bath is then diverted into the slightly cooler pool. There is a cold show to cool off in, dressing rooms and toilets with separate disabled access toilet. Photos here

Opal Pendants & Jewellery for sale Sterling Silver Australian opal and boulder opal pendants opal bracelets and opal earring jewellery.
Australian Outback A look at the Australian boulder opal field of Yowah and surrounding areas of Far South Western Queensland The Yowah Opal Field is a small boulder opal field in the southern part of the boulder opal producing region in Queensland, Australia. The first mining commenced at Yowah in the 1880's. You will also find useful links to information on Australia in general
Yowah Opals Opal is Australia's National Gemstone and Yowah is known for its beautiful and unique Yowah opal nuts - ironstone concretions (mini boulder opals) which hold opal deposits in their centres.Yowah has opal of all kinds, Yowah Nuts, seam opal, boulder opal, pipe opal, opalised wood and opal matrix
Yowah Opal Festival Once a year the small opal mining community of Yowah Australia puts on an opal festival. Fun for everyone. Opal collections featuring Yowah Nut Opal on display. Opal stalls with boulder and nut opal from Yowah & Koroit, also opal from other Australian opal fields for sale..Yowah Designer Opal jewellery competition. Breakfasts, Lunch and Evening Meals. Windlass Races for all. Good outback Aussie fun.
Information on Opal

Types of Australian opal and its formation including the many forms of Australian boulder opal.

Black boulder opal.  This rare, very valuable Queensland opal rivals Lightning Ridge black opal in both the uniform darkness of its black body colour, and the contrasting range of complete spectral hues visible in its play of colours.

Crystal boulder opal.  These transparent boulder opals owe their dark body colour to the dark brown colour of the ferruginous sandstone or ironstone backing that may be observed through the polished surface of the opal

Light boulder opal - light coloured translucent to opaque opal with a ferruginous sandstone or ironstone backing.

Boulder matrix  opal - an anastomosing network of precious opal veins within ferruginous sandstone or ironstone.

Yowah Nuts - small rounded opaliferous ironstone concretions that may host either solid opal or opal matrix.

Yowah Designer Jewellery Competition The Yowah Opal Festival Designer Jewellery Competition was commenced in 1997 to help promote Yowah Opal in Australia. Photos of the winning pieces.
Yowah Opal Jewellery Entries from the Yowah Designer Jewellery Competition. Beautiful hand crafted jewellery featuring Yowah Nut Opal
Australian Bush Poetry Australian Bush Poetry by Janine Haig - Here is a woman's view of the bush and it's people. Janine is an award winning poet and has two books of bush verse - "I hope yer sheep get flyblown" and Always wear clean knickers". Janine's lives between Eulo and Yowah on a sheep property called Moama.
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