Always Wear Clean Knickers

Janine Haig Book - Always Wear Clean Knickers
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Janine's second book of pomes, "Always Wear Clean Knickers" 

Another fabulous book of bush poetry



Bush Spirit - Book 3

Heart-Break Corner
The Black Hole
Always Wear Clean Knickers
The Weather Bloke
Public Speaking
Turning Forty

Man's Best Friend
The Emu
Discarded Woman
Gremlin In The Hard-drive
One Sunday Night In Eulo
Black Spider
Jason And The Excavator
All God's Creatures, Kate
You're My Sister, But
It's Sport
Nevermind Nevermore
Don't You Love Me Any More?
Are We Having Fun Yet?
Nancy On The Internet

 Polocrosse Title
So Glad You Asked
Keeping Off Committees
Frog In The S-Bend
When In Drought
A Little Rhyme
The Average Australian
"I Don't Care"
Dear Mum And Dad
Old Mate And His Horse
You're The Teacher
The Truth About (some) Men
The Challenger
Writing Rhymes
The Dunny Dunnie Done
Television Eats Kids
Speaking In Bush
What Game
Lambs Grow Up
Writing A Novel
The Bladder Song

Janine Haig lives on a sheep property between Eulo and Yowah in Far South West Queensland and uses writing as 'therepy'.  Her husband, Doug, features quite frequently in her verses.  Luckily he has a sense of humor.  Surprisingly the people of Eulo, Janine's nearest town, about 80 kilometres from Yowah, are still talking to her as well.

Many of the "pomes" are taken from real events with a tiny amount of exaggeration added for interest.  Some of the people mentioned might even be familiar.

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