I Hope Yer Sheep Get Fly Blown

Janine Haig Book - I Hope Yer Sheep Get Flyblown
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Janine's first book, "I Hope Yer Sheep Get Fly Blown"

A very funny outlook on life in outback Australia. Janine Haig has won many awards for her poetry. 

I Hope Yer Sheep Get Fly Blown

 I Hope Yer Sheep Get Flyblown
All Them Gates
The Lucky Dip
Job Application
The Good Cause
Galah Attacks Cocky
Darling's Story
Party Pome
The Neighborhood
The Ins And Outs Of Cricket
When Douglas Went To Town
Arthur Itis
Song Of The Sheep
Jimmy The Rouseabout
Ring Me

 Show Pony
Boar Tale

No Worries Mate
I'm Easy To Please
The Gentleman
Self Defence
To The Frogs
The Wanking Man
Rugby League
Just Another Lullaby
Of Course I love You
The Sparrow, Gate and Missus
Deciding What To Cook For Tea
The Good Old Days
The Eulo Queen
All Hope Gone
Polocrosse Acceptance Speech
Bog' Em All
Ballad Of Mark and Carol
Super Man
Problem Solved
A Worry Rhyme

Janine Haig lives on a sheep property between Eulo and Yowah in Far South West Queensland and uses writing as 'therepy'.  Her husband, Doug, features quite frequently in her verses.  Luckily he has a sense of humor.  Surprisingly the people of Eulo, Janine's nearest town, about 80 kilometres from Yowah, are still talking to her as well.

Many of the "pomes" are taken from real events with a tiny amount of exaggeration added for interest.  Some of the people mentioned might even be familiar.

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