Yowah Opalised Wood Crystal

A piece of Wood that has been replaced by crystal opal
A lovely piece of opalised wood with blue/mauve and green sparkling opal. A pool effect where you can see into the base of the stone, like water running over a sandy stream. 23.10ct Opal measures approx 39.5mm x 15mm x nearly 6mm

Yowah Nut Matrix Opal

Brillant red orange green yellow and blue dance around the stone when moved.

Weighs 10.54ct. Measures approx 15 x 15.5mm x 4mm

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Yowah Nut Matix Opal

Beautiful sheets of green blue flashes over the face of the stone

Weighs 3.465 ct and measures approx 18.5mm x 11mm x 2.5mm

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Yowah Nut Matrix Boulder Opal Specimens

Multicoloured ironstone and mauve opal patterns
These are quite a stunning pair, the bases are flat and will stand to make an impressive book stand, or display in your cabinet or shelf. Total weight 1723 grams. Fronts polished, backs and sides natural. Height of piece on the left side is approximately 140mm width at base approx 94mm depth 46mm